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Heavy demands are made of your feet in long-distance walking. It is therefore very important to have good footwear. Do not set off on a walking holiday in new shoes or boots which you have never used. Choosing footwear is a personal matter, but it is worth giving it some careful thought. There are many different types and designs: talk to the shopkeeper and make your wishes known: what you need is waterproof footwear, with strong, non-slip soles etc. Consider buying several pairs of strong, well-made, boots or shoes.


  • Get your shoes fitted, or test them for comfort, in the evening, because your feet are slightly swollen and therefore bigger at this time of day.
  • Buy footwear with special shock-absorbing soles suitable for walkers.

Essentials for long-distance walking

  • Good footwear .
  • Windproof garment (e.g. rain-cape) or parka type GORE TEX (waterproof but breathable fabric).
  • Headwear to protect your ears in cold conditions, and gloves (even in summer).
  • Mobile phone (can be useful!).
  • Anorak or heavy pullover.
  • Tissues or paper handkerchiefs
  • Water bottle preferably of aluminium.
  • Small bag for carrying rubbish/litter in. 

Needed for the environment

A waste bag which you can carry with you until you reach the next village. Our policy is that no one should drop the least scrap of litter or tissue in the woods. It is easy to carry a small plastic bag and throw it into a dustbin at the end of the day‘s walk.


  • A telescopic walking-stick.
  • Binoculars.
  • Lightweight camera.

Your Backpack

When you buy it, test the fastenings to make sure they work well and that the backpack fits your back.
Choose a waterproof backpack , or one with a waterproof cover.
Capacity: 30 to 35 litres.
A thumb-strap is very useful.
Side-pockets are an advantage - for carrying spectacles, hat, tissues etc.

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