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Climate - Weather


Climate - Weather

 The climate will vary depending on where you are taking your walking holiday. In the desert temperatures are often high during the day and may indeed be very hot. On the other hand, night-time temperatures are often cool or even cold. In other holiday destinations with a wet climate, such as Iceland, the weather during your holiday may be very wet. For these reasons it is very important that you study the advice we give on weather, clothing and equipment, and make sure that you have the correct clothing and equipment for your holiday.


  • Our advice:

    * Be careful during thunderstorms: do not shelter under a tree!!

    * Never light fires in dry weather

    * If you are doubtful about the weather (especially in mountain areas) get advice from your hotel-keeper.

    * Make sure you have with you the taxi telephone numbers given in your holiday leaflet. You may need to use them in the middle of a day’s walk.

    * Also keep with you your contract number, the insurance phone number and the telephone number of LA PELERINE.

    * If you are going to be sleeping in the desert, make sure you have a very warm duvet.

    * Carry your rain-cape, waterproof or wind-proof coat in the bottom of your rucksack, even if the weather is fine when you set out.

Weather forecast :
00 33 8 36 68 02 +  N° of the département

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